Mach mit bei Wattbewerb | Pop | #SongsForFuture

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Sun Aug 01, 2021 10:42 pm


Mach mit bei Wattbewerb | Pop | #SongsForFuture

I have released a new #SongsForFuture track. This time it is a song to engage people to join a competition in which towns and cities battle against each other to try to become the best at installing more renewable energies. The competition is organised by "Wattbewerb" and the word is a compound of two german words "Wettbewerb" "Competition" and the energy unit "Watt". Their website contains a ranking for the towns and cities that already are registered for the competition. There are quarterly prices, a lot of fame and a sustainable future of course that can be won. :D


Release Tweet:

Wattbewerb website:
Wattbewerb city ranking:

At the moment there is only german text on the song, i will translate it and keep you posted. Hope you enjoy the track. BTW any feedback on the track is highly appreciated, since i am only a hobby musician, there is still so much to learn. So please don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have anything specific on the track regarding mastering, mixing, eq or what not.

Sustainable tunes and kind regards
Isaias Bartelborth

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