Fractal Dimensions | new methods also softer | smooth fusion (no idea)

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Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:28 pm

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Fractal Dimensions | new methods also softer | smooth fusion (no idea)

The last two i did not upload simply because they are still too extreme.

but here for this one i have writen a new agent (i call it agent in my program, all these agents create notes) and this one can be more deterministic without repeating things over and over again - it is built on other elements and i could not do this one before.

for more chaotic parts i use some other 'agents'.

the drums pick their notes from all the data i have collected and often they are too chaotic, but these one here are ok.
the problem is, if the agent creates one bad rhythm it is already too late and i cant exchange these drums with some new tun of the program because the song structure will change each time so other track wont fit.

i could use fixed notes, in some cases this might be the best choice - also big parts of the song structure is random (out of a few choices).


it is the 7th and i'll do another three … simple ones i guess.
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