"New Album" Videoclips-> (Update: 20/3/19) last Video! No. 12 ->"Hallo Erde"|Pop

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Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:25 am

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"New Album" Videoclips-> (Update: 20/3/19) last Video! No. 12 ->"Hallo Erde"|Pop

l finished my latest Album called "New Album" (12 tracks/songs - with german language) - completely done in FL (with some extra plugins).
So it's not techno, trap, hiphop or so. But has lots of electronics inside with varying styles (between Elektro-Pop, Rock, Psychedelic, classical etc) :)

Please give a listen to the full album:


Update/Edit: now all 12 Videos are out

20/2/19 -> Video Nr.12 is here: "Hallo Erde (hello earth)" ->
And now the series ends, this time with a song in a sort of 70s style (guitar, piano, drums, vocals, orchestra) and with english subtitles.

Update/Edit: 11 Videos are out (only 1 left..)

20/2/19 -> Video Nr.11 is here: "Oberst Rodenbeck" ->
With english subtitles as always.
This time be warned. Video is very lo-resolution footage and could be daunting.. The music is slow pop with piano, percussion, voices, guitars, strings and fx.

17/1/19 -> Video Nr.10 is here: "Sicher" ->
English subtitles are included again.
Well, about all the 1st world problems, too many monitors/devices and ignorance...

4/12/18 -> Video Nr.9 is here: "Gott-Ersatz" ->
English subtitles are included again. This time musically sort of guitarish rock/pop with electronix..
Some thoughts about meaning, religion and absence...and love

6/11/18 -> Video Nr.8 is up, named "Service" -> dramatic beatless hybrid one with vocals (not a song to hum, though : )
English subtitles are included. Another one, where the lyrics are important to me. Is service very important? Seems to appear yes in so many areas. Enjoy a special slow ballet part in the video.

6/10/18 -> Video Nr.7 is up, named "Zahl" (engl.: Number) -> Electro-Tocktock -> Counts / numbers rule everything nowadays in the web of things - don't give up, some of them will be your children, but u can lose 'em

Hope you enjoy!

4/9/18 -> Video Nr.6 is up, named "Ausflug" (engl.: Trip) -> Rock -> something on rushing)

14/8/18 -> 5th Video: "Großes Gebäude" (big building) -> this time a short sort of symphonic strings driven poem-pop

3/7/18 -> 4th Video: "Summer" (fits in I guess, very hot here... this time only with some stills and color blends, but with bees!)

2/6/18 -> Third Video is up: "Ans Licht (to the light)" (with english subs)

...frustrated ego-larmoyance with strength... :|

7/5/18 -> Second Video is up: "Känguruqualm"

2nd Video "Känguruqualm" (7/5/18):

(sort of a dada whacko kangaroo Electro-Pop tune)

A first Video is out - some parts done with ZGameEditor, other work in Hitfilm Express

1st "Wunderbares Mädchen":

(german elektro-schlager, beware :twisted: )
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