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Thu Jun 13, 2019 12:12 pm


Deep Exploration | Album summary | Soundtrack

At the end of every album, I always include a summary song that has all my favourite moments from all songs within the album, as well as some others, to form 1 cohesive but simple instrumental track. This 3rd album is no exception. Here are the themes, arranged by appearance in this song: (song number on the left, timing on the right)

21; King's arrival [0:00]
25; Exalt the cube [0:55]
27; Prismmaker lens [1:55]
22; Cafe near the crag and the brew [2:47]
29; Miner's song [3:37]
x; R.E.D. (Rogue) [4:02]
x; Hiraeth (MLi) [4:27]
23; Ministry of disfavourment [5:10]
26; Symbolic chamber [6:07]
24; 8th derivative [6:47]

Visit my soundcloud profile or youtube channel to listen to any of these audio tracks. :D

This uploaded version was entirely made with VST hosted inside FL Studio, so there are no real instruments or recordings.

You can hear the live performance version here. (Voice: Dinezsaur)

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