me and my radio | louis armstrong sample | boom bap beat

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Sun Jun 16, 2019 10:13 pm


me and my radio | louis armstrong sample | boom bap beat

hi.. made this in fl 11

main sample: ripped from a louis armstrong cd, and got the intro sample from youtube
kicks: stacked a couple fl stock sounds
snares: stacked a couple fl stock sounds
hats: fl stock shaker and fl stock open hat
bassline: 3xosc, and also used the technique of filtering the main sample and layering that to add bass in certain parts
mixing/mastering: all plugins from fl stock, except one free mastering plugin called loudmax
quantizing: i used a few quantizing presets to add swing to the kicks, snares, hats
midi controller: oxygen 8 v2.. used this to play sample chops (i programmed the drums).. also used to play bassline, and 8 knobs to mix..
sampling plugin: i used edison to chop the samples, fpc to play the samples

tip: when sampling, timestretching is vital to have the sample match the tempo of your created beat..
i timestretched by putting a chopped loop in the pattern window.. (drag and drop from edison)..
i created a simple drum pattern just to have a groove,
then timestretched the loop to fit the pattern..
i then saved that timestretched loop by right clicking the little wave form visual box of the sound, and selecting ''save as''..
it saves directly to the ''sliced beats'' folder/list on the left side,
i then easily drag and drop that now-timestretched loop onto an empty pad in the fpc..
and now i have a timestretched sample i can trigger in fpc..
very easy and quick method, very effective in timestretching your samples properly..
and the point of doing it this way, is because it allows you to record (live play and record) your chops into the playlist,
as opposed to painting your chops/patterns into the playlist..
i know you can timestretch a loop from within the playlist grid,
but, the point is, i was trying to play/record my chops, not paint them in..
so this method was fantastic.. i highly recommend it..

im not so thrilled with my mix,
but, i think next time i will duck my main sample slightly lower in volume than my kicks (to bring out the kicks more)..
i did duck my 3xosc behind the kicks, but not the main sample (the filtered bass of the main sample that is)..
and by the way - here's an excellent video to show how to do this -

anyway.. i'm trying to sell beats now,
so if anyone's interested, hit me up

i also automated a fade in, here's an excellent video on that -

and lastly, here's an excellent video on the loudmax plugin (i also used an eq and compression on my master)..
(at 16:25)

also, i learned a lot of mixing tips from this guy -

i used obs (a free download) to capture my screen playing the beat..
it also captures the sound coming from your computer with no quality loss seemingly..
i then saved the video file as .mov if i remember correctly, as opposed to mp4 or something else..
i then moved that file into windows live movie maker,
i don't know if this is necessary though, as maybe you can directly upload the obs video file (.mov, or mp4?) onto youtube
*i watched this guy's video on the settings to use to get the highest quality video -
i actually had to reduce the settings a little bit though, because my computer's a little older i think

anyway.. i gave a lot of tips here, there's things i probably left out too,
but, hit me up if anything

thanks, later

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