7 Days of VGM Composition October Challenge | Album

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Thu Oct 15, 2020 1:59 pm


7 Days of VGM Composition October Challenge | Album

Hey guys,

So I've participated in a 7-day composition challenge this month and wanted to share my results. It was 7 songs, one per day for a week. Each day had a different theme related to the elements, Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Wood, Metal and Aether. This was a fun challenge and just wanted to share the tracks I created. Keep in mind, I only spent 1-3 hours on each track as that is all the time I had to allocate during each day.
Day 1 - Earth: A Song for Earth (classical/ambient)

Day 2 - Fire: Thermal Interruption (metal)

Day 3 - Air: Winds of Archaia (classical/ambient)

Day 4 - Water: Under the Falls (classical/ambient)

Day 5 - Wood: Fortitude (experimental/percussive)

Day 6 - Metal: Before the Forge (experimental/electronic)

Day 7 - Aether: Mystery of Aether (experimental/hybrid)

Also for download at bandcamp:

Thanks for listening!



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