I Miss Simplicity/Ease of Use. Please Take a Step Back Here

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Mon Feb 11, 2019 1:04 am

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I Miss Simplicity/Ease of Use. Please Take a Step Back Here

The Short: Popups for every single Sample added to a project is driving me crazy. It is ridiculous to have to manage them all now (FL12-ish and on). Why not add a Pin feature to make multiple sample settings windows optional, as-needed, instead of always-popups-spam-for-everything-all-the-time

FL Studio has improved a lot over the decades I've used it, but since the updated (12-ish and up) it has become quite discouraging and disheartening dealing with the large amount of mess that I get in a project just from adding samples. Who wants popups for every single sample added?

I get that there is some level of benefit to being able to keep multiple windows open for various samples now, but this is just ridiculous. I find myself losing track of the sweet ideas I had when I opened FL to lay em down because of this. I don't want to play "Manage The Popups" games.

Please make this simple again. Make Multiple-popups for sample settings just an option and not The Only Way. I don't want to have to revert back to FL11 just because of this issue. It has cause enough frustration that I have irresponsibly purchased both Ableton Live and Renoise as a backup plan (though FL has been my fav of the 3).

Surely there is a happy medium between the Simplicity of the old way (a single settings window) and the new way (a mess of settings windows that are way more than any one person in their right mind would ever want to sift through while trying to be creative).

Please just make this optional.

Why not return it to how it was, but add a Pin feature like many other apps do when you want to keep something in view? If someone finds that rare situation where they just have to have 2 or more settings windows side by side, let them click a Pin icon on the top to keep it open. Otherwise, let it remain a single window for the sake of returning to simplicity and efficiency.
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