Automation Line - Morphing

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kimble brennan
Thu Apr 08, 2021 2:32 am


Automation Line - Morphing


So, I've been hoping for a long time now that this feature would be added to FL, and I only just found out about this 'To Do' online area so thought I'd make this thread.

But basically, it's a simple idea that Ableton has already done which is being able to highlight or select regions/segments of automation lines, and once highlighted - little boxes or dots appear at each corner and interface that allows you to morph the automations within the region/segment depending on the box/dot you click and hold on.

I am aware of the 'Scale Levels' option within the Articulation drop down options, and this is kind of what I'm talking about however the functionality of this when it comes to creative workflow at least in my experience is far from convenient, and the flexibility is not as great (i.e. the options available seem to revolve around treating the segment as a centred-whole and don't allow for options like ramping the segment up or down, etc. AND every time you want to play around with these options you have to go through the drop down menu's and open the window).

The ultimate problem here is that, if you're wanting to experiment with different 'morphs/articulations' this currently takes time, and the aspect of finding the 'sweet spot' that you're looking for (which can often come from having a short loop on repeat whilst experimenting with different mod values), if you're sound designing or mixing, can easily be lost or just not achieved.

This would on its own make the world of a difference for sound design/mix down sessions as you would no longer have to continuously open and close pages or go through drop down menu's (i.e. 'Scale Levels') or manually draw in each node to where you think you want it. You could just simply highlight the desired area, the squares/dots appear, and you can click on them if you like - convenience as a fore front factor.

I've attached a link here which demonstrates the concept (shown at 3 minutes in).

If I get in trouble for linking a video about Ableton in here I'm sorry, it's simply to show the concept that I'm talking about.

Many thanks :)

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