Idea for FPC: creating 128s to easily swap drums and samples

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Wed May 05, 2021 3:24 pm


Idea for FPC: creating 128s to easily swap drums and samples

Here's the main idea for a 128 in Ableton Live.

A 128 is basically a sampler with multiple samples assigned to each of the pads or triggers, the thing is only one sample plays at a time in each pad and you can change which sample plays with the twist of a knob. This would be super useful for those of us that do fingerdrumming. One of the main workflow killers that I face while making music is when I tackle doing the drum section of a track, selecting the drum samples that I'll be using usually involves going through my sample pack libraries until I find the right sound. Even if I lay the drums first and then look for the right sample means wasting a lot of time.

I've found a shortcut to this with my Octatrack, I applied the same concept of the 128. What I have is a selection of my favourite drums at my disposal categorized by kicks, snares, hi-hats, etc. The problem is that my OT doesn't recognice the velocity and recording it into FL Studio is a hustle.

The idea is to implement this feature inside of the FPC plug-in. Instead of only having the ability to have multiple layers that depend on velocity, add the option to make those layers play one at a time and select which one with an assigned knob. That'd let us easily and quicly change drum samples while also having the rest of the track playing so we can reference it live with the rest of the mix.

Seems like right now we can only have two different kits in the FPC, this change would let us have a huge amount of different kits that are very easy to personalize. I've thought about making a patcher preset implementing the idea of the 128 with multiple instances of DirectWave, but it seems that I cant assign a knob to change the sample that's playing.

I don't know if I explained myself correctly, let me know if you'd like me to expand on any of this.


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