Two simple, yet effective and probably easily implemented ideas for future Fl updates

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Fri Jul 23, 2021 7:21 pm


Two simple, yet effective and probably easily implemented ideas for future Fl updates

Heyhooo everyone,

so this is actually my first time writing something in this forum and as probably many of you too I think I have two amazing ideas for future workflow improvements for our most beloved DAW.
First of all, I want to thank the Devs for being so communicative in this forum and keeping everyone up to date with the teasers and stuff and I also loved the last few updates (and what's to come). After many years of using FL almost daily these are two things that I think would actually be huge workflow improvements and time saving-/organisation tools at the same time:

1. Groups in groups (specifically for automations):
This has probably been suggested or talked about here and there but I wanted to revisit this topic again. I absolutely love the feature of just dragging a synth or an audio clip into the playlist and it automatically links to a mixer channel. I also love that if you want to do an automation for this clip it automatically creates a group in the playlist beneath your snyth/audio clip with the actual labelled automation clip. BUT the problem with this method comes, if your playlist track is already in a group...

Let’s say I have a Drum group in my playlist with all my kicks, snares, hats, etc and I want to do a volume automation for these three. (lets also assume all audio clips are linked to their respective mixer track)
Picture 1-1.png
The problem is that the automation clips go to the bottom of the group and I have to manually move them up until they are under my kick, snare and hats where they belong.
Picture 2.png
It would be amazing if the automation clips are stored as a sub group or smth like that directly under the tracks in the playlist. Of course, this is just an organisation problem really but i actually think this would improve organisation and visibility in the DAW so much. And you could also just hide all automation clips of your snare, kick, synths, whatever with one click and reopen them if you want to change something.
Here is an example of how I imagined it could look like:
Picture 3-1.png
2. Store VST presets with their designated mixer preset in one file
So this one would also tie in the topic of dragging VST’s and such into the playlist and linking them to the mixer automatically. Let’s say I have this one sylenth/serum/whatever patch I did with also lots of postprocessing in the mixer (EQ, compression, distortion, etc, etc) and I want to safe and reuse that exact sound in another project. What I have to do right now is:

1) safe the preset in the VST
2) safe the respective mixer preset
in the new project: 3) drag the VST with the stored preset onto a playlist track
4) search up the mixer preset and apply it to the linked mixer track.

How amazing would it be if you could actually safe both things in just one file so if you would drag your stored file into the playlist it automatically opens the preset in your VST and all of the plugins on the mixer at the same time.
This for one would be a huge workflow improvement as you can just open whole sounds with literally one drag and drop, and it would also massively improve organisation since you only have to store one file instead of two.

So what do you guys think, would this be something a lot of users would love or is just me? Of course I am also not a programmer but in my opinion these ideas sound like they could be relatively easily implemented into the program (could be wrong though).

Love you all and have a great day!
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