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Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:16 am

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Mixer Mode

I have an huge idea for a new feature: MIXER MODE

To activate it:
either in general settings or playlist settings

- The Mixer Mode opens either a new layout of the pattern clips in the playlist on the left (like in Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, etc.)

Fl Studio Pattern Clips.jpg

Pro Tools.png

Logic Pro X Pattern Clip.png

and a new broad vertical taskbar (like the picker pannel) which is related to the pattern of the playlist(like in logic pro x)

Logic Pro X Taskbar.png

- Every pattern can be routed to a channel in the general mixer

- The pattern shows a list of e.g.:
• ten small plugin slots and the plugin (like in the normal mixer but a bit smaller and more compact) themselves when opened to open it even more faster
other functions the user can show or hide like a volume knob, mute and solo button (already in FL), panning etc.
- a little window to chose a parameter for automation very very very fast and then a new automation pattern opens automatically below this pattern or you can "write" over the playlist pattern clip (a good example is ABLETON LIVE) (Automations also with Decibel Parameters please)

This Mixer Mode would improve the workflow in a extreme way and not only when mixing:
- Sounds can be processed in an easier and faster way
- Adding plugins to a channel would be really faster (already fast)
- Different and more automations can be created faster with an automatically better organized playlist

Personally I would have activated this feature all the time but everyone could decide themselves.

The role model is probably Pro Tools (Logic Pro X and Ableton too) BUT this feature would make FL Studio even much stronger than it is already!!

I'm really looking forward what magic the team is doing in the future :)
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