Disorganization/Window Lock

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Thu Mar 08, 2018 8:38 pm

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Disorganization/Window Lock

I really cannot believe that with all the outstanding improvements FL has made over the years it still looks like I threw a notebook full of papers at my desk every time I open it.
I am aware of the feature that allows you to arrange windows and "lock" them into a personalized arrangement but I have found it works very inconsistently.


-Every time I open the program the tool bars up top are a mess and "lock" is holding them in a mess, so I have to unlock and rearrange then re-lock.

Channel Editors:

-I have to select "view>align all channel editors" multiple times a session. If I close ALL windows and just have the Channel Rack open and I start clicking on different channels, the editors will appear at all these random places.
Why are the Channel Editors not ALWAYS just aligned if you cannot have more than one open at a time anyway? I.e if every time I open one, then open another it appears slightly (or greatly) off from where the last one was, unless I have recently selected to "align all channel editors". It is really annoying and just pointless and can really throw off workflow.

-Also, when I have a crowded screen with more windows open (mixer, piano roll channel rack, effects, etc) often times the channel editors appear DIRECTLY over the channel I select in the channel rack. If it appeared just to the side, or bordering the channel rack that would be much, much more sensible. So if I want to select the next channel above or below I wouldn't have to move the editor then select the next channel only to have it appear over my channels again.

As much as I love the ability to "personalize" my window arrangements a bit of order would be incredibly nice. That is really the ONE thing that makes me consider the switch to Ableton. Learning a whole new program would almost be worth it to just have some semblance of organization and consistency. That said I don't because something about Ableton feels just too rigid. Customization should stay, but more order should be standard out of the gate.
Also I have been an Fl user for years. Can we please get a proper fix for this?


I am not sure how malleable the build of this program is, or how that affects Image Lines ability to manipulate these things but here is an ideal idea:

Beyond having the lock arrangement feature work consistently have the ability to select where new windows will appear. For example if I arrange my Channel Rack, Piano Roll, Mixer, etc all perfectly save and lock that arrangement, whenever I open a new effect it's just going to appear in some random place on the screen. It would be amazing to be able to say "lock to edge" and have every new effect opened appear on the boarder of the program. Or be able to set up a "zone", an area selected where all new effects, etc will appear.
Mainly just not have them appearing in some random solitaire esque cascade of layered windows.. It's frustrating to work with and appears really unprofessional. Emphasis on the difficult to work with.

Anyway thanks for listening, I hope we can seem some improvements to organization in upcoming versions.



Tue Apr 03, 2018 1:01 am

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Re: Disorganization/Window Lock

You're on the right track, man. I have taken i...

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