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Sat Mar 31, 2018 5:09 am

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Some suggestions

( this section added Apr.1)

A dedicated bypass button directly on the gui of every effect plugin (maybe the wrapper header).
And maybe an A/B compare function, or lock(save) function.

Retrigger function for fruity philter's pattern envelopes.

Right click on a piano roll keyboard key will highlight the whole row. So we can change the velocity etc. of the notes on that whole row at once.

Forum post to have 'notify me' checked by default. ? I always forget.

Let the user name the .wav file in the render dialog box?

An option to hide the step sequencer on the channel rack. And to dock the channel rack to the new playlist picker thing on the right.
And so the channel rack resizes itself when adding new items, and stays there; instead of being an annoying window that I have
to move around a hundred times.

Komplete Kontrol S49 MKII support please. Especially transport controls.

FL 20 install to have the option of an itemized check list of what vst's we want to download. I just got rid of a bunch of legacy plugins that I will never use. I don't need them clogging up every menu. Why are the legacy plugins like wasp and ts404 bassline synth even there in FL 12, when it can't run them anyway?

The ability for the mixer to have only one track on a clean project. And tracks get added when linking a new plugin to a new track.
Also the option to have generators auto-link to the next mixer track when they get loaded into the channel rack, because we are just
going to do that anyway.

Detached plugin wrappers are still buggy. Especially effects. They stay visible, or hide, in a random fashion; whatever they feel like doing,
completely disregarding the fact that they are commanded to be detached (stay visible).

The option for the user to label the piano roll keyboard, like fpc does. This is most useful with third party plugins and drum kits.

Option to delay the opening of the browser when on auto-hide. To stop it from opening every time we are clicking on the piano roll keyboard.
The user can define how long (in ms) they want the cursor to hover over the left edge, before the browser pops open.

Mooore Miixeeer traackss aauughh!! (Just kidding) "My terrible sounding dubstep needs more random noises!" :roll:

When firing up FL 12, the hint bar loads up and stays there for a minute, before hiding. Don't know why it loads at all; I have it disabled.

Have the mixer volume faders linked to the channel rack and plugin wrapper volume knobs. They are currently independent. That's weird.

Partner with Native Instruments, with their NKS Standard?

The playlist header, when on "follow: continous scrolling" is super jittery. It's all over the place; it hurts the eyes to look at.

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