MIDI filters in the MIDI settings - Input

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Sat Jun 09, 2018 11:18 am

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MIDI filters in the MIDI settings - Input


I'm totally unable to MIDI sync my Arturia Beatstep Pro with FL Studio because I run into a MIDI loop.

FLS sends a "Start" message to the BSP, which upon starting sends back a "Start" message to its USB/MIDI out that's fed back into FLS and making the later restarting itself, and sending another "Start" message etc. As a result as soon as I hit Play either on FLS or on the BSP the whole thing freezes.

I had already run into similar issue with other outboard devices like my Roland Boutique modules.

It'd be great if you could filter out incoming MIDI clock messages (and maybe other types as well) on a per device basis in the Input section of the MIDI settings, a bit like the "Send Master Sync" option in the Output section.

And please, don't reply with a "use MIDIOX" type of answer. I know it's possible that way and I've used it for a while when my setup was simple but it quickly becomes very cumbersome in more complex MIDI setups like the one I have now (a bunch of synth/midi controllers rigged up through a 8 IN/OUT MIDI interface) and a simple function like that in FLS would avoid me and countless others loads of headaches trying to figure out all connections and programming.

Thank you.

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