Add "Receive midi controller automation from:" option to MIDI Out plugin

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Wed Feb 20, 2019 11:18 am

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Add "Receive midi controller automation from:" option to MIDI Out plugin

It would be great if a new option would be added to the MIDI Out plugin:

-> Receive all midi controller automation from: [midi port/channel]

This option should lock the midi controller's controller values, just like it works with locking a controller's notes via the "Receive notes from:.." option.

This way you should be able to record all incoming midi CC/NRPN knob/fader/pitchbend/modwheel/aftertouch movements of the selected midi controller (which usually is a hardware synth). When the output port/channel is not the same as the incoming port/channel, it should directly forward it to the selected output port/channel. Upon playback of the recorded automation, it will send the data to the selected midi output port/channel, so in most cases back to the synth.

The incoming controller data should be recorded as event automation data in the pattern, just like any other automation. The only difference would probably be that there is no (software) parameter linked to the automation (yet), which means that when recording automation, FL Studio should automatically add a parameter with the same CC number (when it is not already added) to store the data. Ideally, it should even add a visible knob (with the controller number as name) on a separate tab/page in the MIDI Out plugin, so you can easily see what's recorded and can edit it by right clicking the knob -> Edit data. Also, the knob should show the movements while playing back the recordings.

A lot of hardware sequencers have this feature. It would really bring hardware integration in FL Studio to the next level, effectively giving you an easy way to record and playback any knob/fader on your hardware synth (obviously it has to be able to send/receive midi controller data).

Currently you first have to manually map a midi controller knob/fader to a virtual knob in the MIDI Out plugin and then manually configure the right CC number, etc. This really is a lot of work if you want to be able to record/playback automation of any knobs/faders on you hardware synthesizer.

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