Ctrl+Tab instead of Tab to switch windows? ...and a taskbar

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Thu Jul 11, 2019 6:06 am


Ctrl+Tab instead of Tab to switch windows? ...and a taskbar

My greatest beef with FL right now is by far window management. Maybe it gets better if you work with multiple displays, but my single-display experience is not very favourable, here's why.

Window Switcher: I would like a window switcher like Alt+Tab in Windows, where you get to see a preview of all the open windows without actually focusing the window. In FL the shortcut would have to be something like Ctrl+Tab and Shift+Ctrl+Tab to go backwards. Clicking a preview with the mouse would directly switch to that window. Basically, it would work exactly like the task switcher in Windows, so if you take that as a starting point, there isn't really much more to explain.

The problem now is that to get to a specific window using the Tab key is a major pain in the *ss because by the time you tab to the window you want, you've already focused another 5 or 6 windows that clutter up your workspace, when you'd rather have them sit behind the playlist till needed.

Taskbar, and get rid of that silly 'captionize' button: The other thing that would be nice is to have an always visible taskbar along the bottom of the main Window for each open window. It would work exactly like the taskbar in Windows, including thumbnail previews, ideally. Click a taskbar button to bring the window into view, click it again to minimize it.

Get rid of the 'Captionize' button: It is a universally known fact that the Captionize button is both confusing and useless. Its deceitful resemblance to a 'Minimize' button fails to deliver on the promise of effective window management, instead collapsing the window into a small rectangle that becomes indistinguishable against the other windows and is impossible to find later on. Not only that, FL doesn't automatically de-captionize previously captionized windows if you try to restore them by hitting Tab or by clicking the corresponding mixer FX slot buttons—instead the window remains captionized indefinitely until you actually click the captionize button, which means you have to go looking for a tiny gray rectangle, somewhere on your massive screen.

In my case, minimizing windows is second-nature, and I find myself accidentally captionizing windows all the time. Whenever I intuitively click the captionize button, the window visually seems to disappear, as intuitively expected, and I am subconsciously satisfied that the window has been minimized and is out of the way. It's only when I need to bring the window back that I realise I had inadvertently shot myself in the foot. There is not a workflow that can eventually "grow on you" because the user interface looks like regular windows, and yet behaves differently. If it looked, say, like an up-pointing arrow, at least it would be more obvious and I would not click it accidentally. My vote goes for getting rid of it altogether.


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