ad a save function for: "Multilink to controllers

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Sun Jul 14, 2019 6:59 pm


ad a save function for: "Multilink to controllers

I use the "multilink to controller" a lot. I select it with my left mouse button, and than i select about a hundred or sometimes well over 500! buttons and sliders from softsynths, fx effects, LFO's and envelopes in fruity sampler, and than i click multilink again with my right mouse button and press: randomize... (when you accidently press with left mouse button, all is lost :(.... )

Than i repeat to press randomize until i have something great or alien (depends on what i am going for) and than i switch off multilink, and go from their. It is just a great function when you are into weird shit, and experimenting.

Once i inserted about ten samples and softsynths, each on their own fx channel with fx, had a little song going, and than i added as much knobs and sliders to the multilink as possible to change every aspect of the sounds. But than i accidently pressed my midi keyboard, and it went out of multilink :( i had already a couple of hundred sliders linked, so i was pretty dissapointed.

So my question is: Is it possible to select via multilink all the things you want, and than save it to a little .flp file, so i can link in one click all the previously selected sliders to multilink when i come back to a project after a while? Other wise you have to take 15 minutes to select 500 knobs and buttons......

That would be great.... I am also very much a protagonist of a much more complex randomization system like you find in some midi max for life devices (ableton) to randomize within certain values. Althoug in ableton you can only randomize the synth that is in the channel you put the midi randomizer in, and with multilink in FL you could pottentially select everything you want (soft synth, fx, FL sliders like pitch, tempo, sampler options like lfo's envelopes etc) and randomize it within certain values for ech selected knob, and save this! It would be cool to make 20 channels with different kind of fx, and than have a lot of drum sounds where i can multilink the target mix track within a value of the first 20 fx channels, and than randomize the volumes of the drum sounds and the fx channel that they go, so all the sounds go to different fx channels ech time (especially cool when the fx channels are already influencing each other with routings!) and so on....

All the pianoroll midi functions are so cool and expansive (time signature is a very welcome addition!), would be really cool to make a midi randomization tool for outside the pianoroll to controll everything else in the programm.... It would benefit to the coolness of FL studio.
I will use the multilink function as it is now anyways, but would be a blast if you guys and girls wrote some little extra code for this option.

THANK YOU!11111!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

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