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Sun Aug 25, 2019 11:11 pm


Link to Controller requests

Hi, since I am trying to set up a daw control surface, and failing miserably, this led me to ask for some things:

Could you guys open up the 'Solo' buttons in the mixer to 'link to controller'. ? Not just mute, but solo as well. I think every generic midi controller that has a row eight solo buttons are kind of useless without this. Even the channel rack solo can't be linked. But I think the mixer solo is more valuable in this case.

Can you open up the main volume knob (at the top) to 'link to controller'. ? There are lots of midi controllers that have a dedicated main volume knob, and since that FLS "main volume knob" doesn't affect the render, it is the perfect choice to link it to controllers, for use in the current session.

The Akai Fire has those four "Macro" knobs that can manipulate whatever mixer track is currently selected. I don't know how that was done, but it would be great if that functionality could be available to any midi controller.
The midi controller that I'm currently trying to set up does have this ability as well (kind of). It's not really working right now, I don't know why, but it shows that this request is possible.

Can you make a special link that has the best of both link types? 'Link to controller' and 'override generic link'. One can move knobs without having to focus the window it's linked to. The other is saved permanently. These two benefits in one link-type would be great.

Currently trying to set up the Novation Zero SL MKII. I'm going to need help. Don't know if someone with experience using this controller will help me here, or will I have to resort to asking Novation.
And does anyone have experience using Bome MIDI Translator Pro in FL Studio? If so, what were you able to do with it?

Thanks guys. :)

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