[Piano Roll] Auditioning Chord/(Other)Notes While Inputting Notes

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Aleph Wren
Tue Sep 10, 2019 12:27 pm


[Piano Roll] Auditioning Chord/(Other)Notes While Inputting Notes

Being able to audition a chord or actually (and more importantly) a set of notes where you are using the midi pencil in the Piano Roll, especially for complex sequences, is a feature I've been looking for since a while now.

(This feature is missing in almost any modern DAW!)

The idea of it working would be like this:

1) You select the pencil tool.
2) You click to place a note somewhere and hold the mouse button.
3) As you click you can audition your single note and also (maybe through a separate option in Helpers being activated) you can listen to the rest of the other existing notes where your note is placed (The starting position of the note).

An example of this feature working can be found in some tracker software like Adlib Tracker 2 or OpenMPT; being able to have it in a decent DAW like FL Studio, which has a really powerful Piano Roll, to me, would be very beneficial.

If you have any critics, comments or any questions about it, please go ahead. After all, everybody will benefit from the feature if it gets to see the light.

Thank you Image-Line for making such a great DAW! 8)

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