Toggle on/off midi ghost notes?

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Wed Feb 05, 2020 3:51 pm


Toggle on/off midi ghost notes?

Hey guys!

This would perhaps be better placed in the wish list topic, but seeing as I'm not sure whether or not this is possible, I'll give it a go here:

Okay, say I'm working on a complex arrangement for say an orchestral section and I'm using the piano roll to the max - Ghost notes is very handy when working with parts relating to one another. But since all ghost notes look the same (all grey, no separate color for each instrument) it could get quite chaotic after a while.

My question: Is it possible to have the ghost notes for other channels have different colors, and/or is it possible to hide ghost notes for individual instruments?

In Pro Tools, you have this feature where you can toggle an instrument's midi on / off, and each part is also colored to keep things organized.

I know you can route say various Kontakt instances to the 1 to 16 midi outputs and have them colored - but this option still requires everything to be in the same pattern and hiding individual sections is still not possible as far as i can tell. Been looking for it in the manual but can't seem to find any info on this.

Hoped this all made sense. Thank you for providing us with an awesome DAW!
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