Short compilation of much needed QOL improvements

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Fri Jun 12, 2020 1:34 am


Short compilation of much needed QOL improvements

Not sure anybody's even gonna read this, but here goes :

MAKE UNIQUE INSTANTLY : The little dropdown context menu is extremely tiresome to use and we need a shortcut to simply click a sample and make it unique.

HUMANIZE : Similar to randomize note velocity, we need a feature to randomize note start time & end time in the Piano Roll.


ALLOW LINKING MULTIPLE PLAYLIST TRACKS TO THE SAME AUDIO TRACK : I sometimes have 2 different tracks that I want, for example, sent to the same mixer track in the track association mode. For some reason I can't do that because the destination track will be grayed out.

AUTO COLOR & AUTO ICON AUTOMATION : Right now, automation is auto-grouped with its audio track in playlist, but then needs to be colored to match. Please make it match the color of track by default & allow us to select a default icon for automation tracks.

BROWSE PARAMETER WINDOW OPTION TO HAVE STAY OPEN : How often do I have to re-open this window when automating a parameter?

DELETE ALL UNUSED AUDIO FROM COMPUTER : We need an option to purge all unused audio tracks in the project from the PC. I can't count how many wav takes I have of my verses that just clutter my PC needlessly.

DISABLE ALL EFFECTS IN THE MIXER : It happens pretty often I have to record at low latency and my CPU has trouble with my mixer effects. Give us an option to simply disable all effect plugins, instead of clicking the option for every single mixer track.

CPU USAGE METER PER PLUGIN : The Plugin performance monitor is difficult to analyse and cumbersome to use. Please give us a little meter per plugin telling me how much this particular plugin is straining my CPU.

ESC KEY SHOULD NOT CLOSE PLAYLIST AND MIXER : They should be closable using the close button only, or a new shortcut like Ctrl+ESC.

Thanks IL.

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