Some feature suggestions that would help me a lot

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Thu Jun 18, 2020 10:55 pm


Some feature suggestions that would help me a lot

Hey! I'm a software dev much of the time, so I know these little features can really stack up and are often not as trivial as they seem like they "ought" to be, due to technical debt and things like that, so I understand if these don't get prioritized! I'd love to see them happen if y'all have the time or if they seem like they'll be as stand-out useful to other users as they feel to me.

hopefully simple to implement:
- Patcher: clone synth/effect (I often want to use like three convolvers with different settings, and two maximus with different settings routed between the convolvers, and then a sakura or two to give them an already-complex strike sound, and a harmor or three to feed them a subtly-complex body sound possibly to different convolvers)
- Sakura: display pitch of resonator in menu bar when adjusting
- wave candy: third state of mini/big that shuts off processing and gets out of the way entirely
- wave candy: alternately, link visibility of wave candy window to controller, so I can hide/show from a control creator I always keep visible in the corner

probably not simple to implement:

- Patcher: V/oct to note with higher performance/pitch-bend-time-resolution than midi (would change my life! I'd be able to do pitch effects in vcv rack, then route them into fl studio at full frequency! but also, in order to be useful, it needs to beat vcv rack's existing v/oct to midi, which is limited primarily by the awkwardness of getting midi data into fl)
- Patcher: controller-output targets as outputs from patcher into the fl studio node, so that "link to controller" is represented visually in the originating patcher if the patcher is used as a controller, similarly to how automation is represented as input into patcher

needs further definition/probably a big project:

- Controller effects: Pretty broad category, I'd like to be able to process controller signals similarly to the way audio is processed, with temporal self-dependence, eg to do things like "quantize, then send to a lowpass" on a control signal. This is because I want to do things like make automation clips that eg quantize the existing fl options are to do various hacks with things like midi out, envelope controller, voltage controller (omg thanks btw so good), or to use the temporally-independent (pure function of xyzt) functionality of fruity formula controller (which is great, but you can't put effects like lowpass on it.) peak controller + voltage controller could almost sorta make this possible already, but the main problem is that peak controller doesn't let you do anything but take peaks, and I want more control than that. hmmm maybe this is already possible to do badly with those though...

- VCV Rack: I would pay like $100 to be able to use fl studio or its synths inside vcv rack as an unbuffered vcv module (ie, buffer size of ~one). As far as I know, the existing plugin formats do not allow latency/cpu tradeoff to go that far towards "crazy cpu but minimum latency". I wouldn't be terribly shocked if fl's engine is slightly too high overhead to go down to sample counts that low, but I figured I'd mention it! harmor especially, I want to be able to control harmor's knobs at audio rate so bad. ... crap, this is probably an enormous change because VSTs hosted in FL would also have additional sample latency due to a fact I think I remember, that vst maybe doesn't provide samplecount=1 processing in the api at all? idk.

- harmor & sytrus: preset pitch kb modulation for a bunch of more interesting scales :) to be honest I want this more because having interesting scl files preloaded into the modulation presets menu in each synth would encourage people to explore tunings more. maybe make it more prominent that scl files are supported or something.
- Sakura: scl file support
- Piano Roll: pitch mode - allow moving notes in continuous pitch space, offsetting the note ui component vertically, especially with custom pitch quantization rules - what if, eg, you could load an scl file as a quantization guide in the piano roll, and edit each note's pitch precisely? I have been working on creating visualizations of scales to make it easier for myself to understand microtonal composition, and it would be amazing to be able to integrate these with my favorite piano roll and input precise pitch bends in the same ui as midi notes. here's the crazy graph:
- tiling window manager mode: any set of tools for managing no-stacking window layouts, I've been playing with window layouts a bit and having very slightly better tools for moving windows around would probably make that kind of workflow customization a lot more popular. I really love the way all of fl mobile, renoise, and ableton are laid out, and I think it'd be cool if fl studio's flexible window manager could roleplay as those trivially by people dragging windows around in a subdivision space or something.

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