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Mon Jun 22, 2020 7:59 pm



Would be great if the browser could have a tag option like : adsr sample manager and/or sononym/native instruments ---> Tag key of song and/or flip key in real time or at least search for tags like kick/snare/hh

Slicex : (copy a few features from logic/serato/momentum

- dont start with auto dump
- maybe more real time stretching without change of speed
- Play through whole sample/ loop sample/cuttoff templates
- MCU controls affect Slicex at times when i want to press play for entire song but not the slicex window
- insert multiple samples so i can trigger for example guitar piano and vocal form 1 slicex instance. or maybe just 1 guitar wet and 1 guitar dry.

Pianoroll :

When highlighting key i would prefer not to go into helpers drop down window twice for scale + root note

Akai fire :

- Note repeat
- faster UNDO features like : undo knob = ctrl + z - shift + undo knob = ctrl + alt + z alt + undo knob = REDO

Then some random things like : FLstudio build in Scaler2 functions as the midi standard

just some suggestions from a sample freak to have all i need in one spot.

Keep the dream alive. You already done a great job Image Line

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