Pro Tools and Logic Features

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Wed Jun 24, 2020 6:18 am


Pro Tools and Logic Features

Keyboard focus in Pro Tools allows you to use shortcuts in the window you are currently working on.

ie. When keyboard focus (Step Sequencer is selected )"F2" to rename the track you have selected. The same goes for the sequencer window. An alternative shortcut may be needed for renaming a Pattern.

2. Select Multiple tracks in the Step Sequence and hit "F2" and you can rename each selected track one by one simply by hitting "Enter" after you have completed filling out the value

3.Solo Mute on Step Sequencer.

4a. When creating Automation, if the Pattern or Audio File is locked to a track in the Sequencer, automation would be made under the track as a "Group".
4b. Shortcut to reveal all Automation

5a. Organize Takes in their own "group" on the selected Sequencer track.
5b. A dropdown menu allows you to select which "groups" to view ie. Automation or alternate takes

6a. Plugin drop-down menu on sequencer track allowing you to select MIDI plugins, Instrument plugins and, Audio plugins.

As someone who has used multiple DAWs over the years, these are features that were either Highly useful, very common, or both. Coming to Fl studio from the alternatives, proved challenging because of the different workflow and layout.

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