Incremental relative encoder preset

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Thu Jul 02, 2020 4:16 pm


Incremental relative encoder preset

Please add a preset in Remote Control Settings for mapping incremental relative encoders with this setup which seems to be one of the most common:

"2's complement"

First two bits of the MIDI message used to define

1. MIDI Channel
2. CC number/MIDI note

The third bit is the crucial one that defines the increment/decrement value.

41h-7Fh (65-128) = decrement
1h-40h (1-64) = increment

41h (65) = DECREMENT BY 40h (64)
7Eh (126) = DECREMENT BY 2
7Fh (127) = DECREMENT BY 1

0 no change

1h (1) = INCREMENT BY 1
2h (2) = INCREMENT BY 2
3Fh (65) = INCREMENT BY 7Fh (63)

The current presets in the mapping formula presets all force a single value step which for the majority of the applications is not ideal.

The other more radical option is to upgrade the Remote Control windows overall to allow more broad MIDI manipulations/interpretation and changes.
But the main thing is relative encoders are pretty common items on hardware controllers so it's not really an option to leave them as they are now. There are also other items uncovered like touch strips and various sliders using complex raw MIDI data but encoders, although obviously more tricky then pots or buttons are still between the most frequent items to deal with in mapping.

I still think MIDI mapping in FL Studio shold be overhauled, including the many non-mappable commands. It's not because there's scripting now that would mean a solution. Because 99% of FL Studio users can't program at all. And I think they shouldn't. FL Studio is known as an intuitive software to use so it should remain focused on simple and clever UI. Having deep options like scripting should not go against the main philosophy of the brand and tool. I think.
I say all this with the greatest respect and sense of partecipation, as a daily user and life-long "evangelist" of the software.

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