Better handling of running out of disk space

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Sat Jul 11, 2020 2:27 pm


Better handling of running out of disk space

I keep getting bitten by this when doing long multitrack recordings. No warning or error is given when running out of disk space, but it can appear as if the recording has been successful with the waveform showing in the playlist and playing back; but saving the project and reloading it will show that some of the wavs are actually silent anyway.

Similarly FL doesn't seem to handle it gracefully when saving a project file when there's no disk space, it'll appear to have saved OK but when you come to open up the project it won't work or there'll be elements missing.

I know I should clean my room and make sure I have enough disk space available and so I only have myself to blame really, but this is not always so easy when inspiration strikes, and the lack of any warning that what you are doing isn't saved is frustrating. I lost 30 minutes of 4-track ambient improvisation because of this only last night, and it never feels the same when you try to repeat it :(

So, it'd be great if there were some kind of popup warning about the amount of disk space available before starting to record (maybe with a rough calculation of how many minutes recording time is available), and better notification and error reporting if recordings and projects aren't able to be correctly saved.

Something that would help me run into this problem less often are some of the suggestions for 'automated removal of redundant sounds/project files' suggestions that are also here in the forum. When multitracking and recording long improv parts my music disk is getting very full of large recordings, in many cases mostly silent, but its not so easy to identify which ones are safe to delete.

Perhaps some automated extension of the 'make unique as sample', so that you can do it for multiple clips simultaneously, with an option to 'edit sample in place' to make it easy to crop sections of silence out from long recordings and leave only the desired sections, without having to manually find and delete the original recording?


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