Feature Request - Update Plugin Features

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Sun Jul 26, 2020 10:38 pm


Feature Request - Update Plugin Features

Here's three things I'd like to see "introduced" in future FL Studio revisions:

Suggestions for the Plugin Picker GUI, the ADD (plugin) layout and the Manage Plugins option.

First - would love to see an option introduced to change the Plugin Picker view... look at this mess:
It's fine to view "initially" if you have just but only a few installed plugins, but it really needs more viewing options, especially if you have accumulated many plugins over time and it becomes a jumbled mess (like above!). How about an option for a one-click align-to-grid view?! Please Imageline developers, needs a little change please to tidy the view.

Secondly, would like to see more tree display and "color options" introduced to change the display in the ADD page layout (via the menu panel):
Maybe options could be introduced for the user to manually pick a color for the specific plugin install, or, maybe color select the most used plugins in FLS ?

Would like to see an option included on the ADD selection page for tree / category collapse, colors on/off feature.
The page needs a slight update IMO.... and there has to be a better way to simply REMOVE a plugin from the ADD page layout, but that's a whole "to do" request subject for another time!

Thirdly, please could you introduce either via an extra column included with the Manage Plugins a feature to add a color to a plugin / include color for categories (effect, generators). This would be great if the suggestions above were implemented.

The above suggestions are not purely for aesthetics or just a quick color reference, but for partially sighted users [COUGH] like me. :D

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