Feature Request - Update Plugin Features

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Sun Jul 26, 2020 10:38 pm


Feature Request - Update Plugin Features

Here's some things I'd like to see "introduced" in future FL Studio revisions:

Suggestions for the Plugin Picker GUI, the ADD (plugin) layout and the Manage Plugins option.

First - would love to see an option introduced to change the Plugin Picker view... look at this mess:
It's fine to view "initially" if you have just but only a few installed plugins, but it really needs more viewing options (workflow) if you utilize a variety of plugins for various projects. I can not speak for others but I'll bet many have accumulated so many plugins over time and as in the image, really ends up a jumbled mess!
A suggestion would be to have an option for a one-click align-to-grid view?! Please Imageline developers, the picker could do with a little finesse.

Secondly, would like to see more tree display and "color options" introduced to change the display in the ADD page layout (via the menu panel):
Maybe options could be introduced for the user to manually pick a color for the specific plugin install, or, maybe color select the most used plugins?
If that is too much, about some pre-defined headings with color background?

Would like to see an option included on the ADD selection page for tree / category collapse, colors on/off feature.
To be fair, the ADD page needs a slight update.... for example, there has to be a better way to simply REMOVE a plugin from the ADD page layout, like a right mouse click, remove pluglin from ADD page???!

Thirdly, please could you introduce either via an extra column included with the Manage Plugins a feature to add a color to a plugin / include color for categories (effect, generators). Appreciate these are only suggestions but if implemented could speed up workflow through simple barmy-army color recognition.

Also, I am partially sighted.

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