General FL Studio scripting: read/write patterns, clip data etc.

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Sun Aug 02, 2020 3:14 am


General FL Studio scripting: read/write patterns, clip data etc.

This is a suggestion for more general scripting support in FL Studio, including functions to:

Get patterns and clips by:
- pattern/clip type, name, ID etc.,
- track and time position in Playlist,
- possibly other properties

Get/Set/Create/Modify properties of patterns and clips:
- for all clip types: playlist track, position, length etc. if applicable,
- patterns: for each channel, Piano Roll and Event Editor contents,
- automation clips: point positions and values, which parameter(s) clip is linked to, etc.
- audio clips: source file paths, sample start point etc.

...and so on, including creating new patterns and clips, filling them with data and placing them into Playlist.

- Piano Roll notes and their properties,
- automation points and their properties
- events data

Get/Set/Modify parameters :
(already partially implemented in MIDI scripting)
- channel parameters and their values
- mixer parameters and their values
- native plugin parameters and their values
- VST plugin parameters and their values
- linkings of automation clips to parameters

+ function for reading and writing files on the computer via scripting in FL Studio

The purposes of all that would be:

1. scriptable control of composition, enabling fun and useful tools to be made by users

2. import/export of composition data from/to any accessible formats (XML etc.)

3. preparation for the future of AI-assisted and algorithmic composition ;)

Thanks for your consideration!

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