Shortcut Keys and Midi

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Mon Aug 03, 2020 6:54 pm


Shortcut Keys and Midi

In a future release, can you assign a keyboard shortcut to the following: The most important (To Me) are in bold

Detach: Same keyboard shortcut when the Channel Rack, Playlist, Piano Roll and Mixer are active
Loop Record - or the ability to link it to a controller
Effects In Use -
Generators in Use

Pattern - Split by Channel
When using "Split by Channel" have the channels split sequentially underneath and consecutively in the playlist

Add - Split By Channel to the Channel Rack drop down menu which IMO is where it should be in the first place. vs the patten menu and add a shortcut key to it.
Snap - A right or Left mouse click/keyboard combination to reveal the Snap menu options from the playlist and piano roll rulers.

Send Master Sync (without play being activated)

Assign Midi unassigned CC messages (102-119) to the transport button (Play - Stop - Record - forward - backwards) and include a midi implementation chart in the help file for options that can't be link to a controller.

I believe these suggestion with future speed up workflow in FL

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