another wish list...

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Fri Sep 21, 2007 11:11 pm


another wish list...

everybody seems to ask things so i will also.

1- make the mixers meters twice the size and add values. this will help comparing db's for the channels without clicking each channel to see they db values and will also eliminate the big meter or not. it will help speed up the mixing process.

2- make the automation and audio clips to move along when u move the pattern blocks in the palylist (i really dont understand why its not like this in the first place) they all are selected with the rectangle tool but only the patterns or clips are moving.

3- clips can be zoomed horizontal and vertical so why not patterns also? pattern clips are indeed small but when having 80 of them its difficult to arrange them or even to view ur full arragement at once without scrolling up and down i would really love vertical zooming.

4- u chop an audio clip thats cool. but it would be also cool to be able to glue it again. a glue tool would be welcome.

5- make the master peak meter on the transport bigger and with values. its good that we have one thats glowing red when peaked but doesnt show how much is peaked.

6- markers where a welcome addition. it would be cool if we can have locator's also.

7- mute, solo and channel number/name in the audio clips kind like cubase etc. this will really help organizing an arragement in the clips section and speed up the process(i would still use the patterns in the playlist cos its super fast)

8- group/folder channels in the playlist would help the organization of the arrangement when large amount of patterns/automation.

9- and make some gray/black thongs cos my wife doesnt like the white color ones (im sure the white only thongs are gol's sick joke)


Sun Sep 23, 2007 6:56 pm


Re: another wish list...

atropa wrote:everybody seems to ask things so i...

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