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Fri Sep 28, 2007 4:39 pm


Split FX plugin

(I had this idea while reading the "mono low" thread.)


This imaginary plugin does the following things:

- It's used like every (vst, dx,...) FX plugin

- If the top left control is set to OFF, it simply provides 8 additional FX slots.

- If the mode control is set to any of the other other options, the signal is either split at a certain frequency (FREQ) or into the left and right channels (L/R) or into a mid/side signal (M/S).

- The resulting two signals get passed on through their own independent FX slots (by default every signal would have 4 dedicated FX slots, but it could be variable using the "split at slot #" control).

- After that (and after adjusting each signal's volume) the signals are combined again to create the output.

- The FX slots in this plugin would behave exactly like those in FL's mixer.

This would be a very powerful plugin.
(And nobody will ever have to complain about not being able to put 34 effect plugins into one mixer track because chaining some of these would allow inserting a virtually unlimited number of plugins. ;) )

What do you think?

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