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Sun Sep 30, 2007 6:12 am


My list.

Just wishing...

- Slip Edit for MIDI/Audio - Having vol and pan already there (slopes) for quick edit. (also, ability to set global clip volume slope time when slicing waves to avoid clicks)

- Multiple MixerChannel selection (mostly to move them or to turn off FX)

- Command to copy/paste mixer channels (for quick set up)

- Clip muting (so useful)

- Clip Solo (useful too)

- Freeze (sorry but I think when working in a laptop this could be very handy)

- Mixer volume/pan grouping - absolute and relative (mostly volume, very handy)

- Confine clips dropdown menu to a region in the PL, not all the left empty section...why? because is very handy to select the PL from there when is hidden behind some windows. (mostly handy when working with laptop)

- ShortCut to Detach/Attach window

- Ability to move clips by tick (like notes in the PR) (EDIT: Already there, thanks!)

- A new Fruity Scratcher (pleez!!, decka is good, but unusable with mouse)

- Ability to store linking formulas

- Maybe a wire-modular-like linking could be useful, instead of browsing thru piles of automation sources.

- Ability to close projects and purge FL

- Multiple playlists (very very handy)

- A dot or sign in patterns that have any automation. (or ability to put an icon or something)

- A line across the PL screen showing the timeline cursor position.

- Lines when clicking or moving clips showing boundaries, useful when aligning stuff.

- "Fit to improvisation": Some kind of tempo (or beats) generator channel, where the user could record/sequence each beat by hand in the PR, this is VERY useful when recording stuff without metronome, or when working on top of non quantized/variable tempo songs (remix of old stuff for example) (I think this one alone is very important)

- Display plugins either on the browser (for drag drop) or display the plugins long list as a tree. (very important)

- Plugin search engine (not needed if plugs were in the browser)

- Ability to organize elements in date/modified/type modes. (useful when searching for the latest edited project or file in a window)

- Shortcut to show up all the mixer channels in the mixer, and toggle to the last size user has previously set.

- Option to set main volume to 100% when rendering, then go to the last set value once is finish. (useful)

- Option in the audio clip channel to set time knob to fit the file original time (a workaround is going to autodetect then closing the window, but an option should be very vey handy)

- A new "Make unique" option that clones the channel instead of saving to a new file in HD - Also, a "Make all selected clips unique" option to batch save each clip.

- ShortCut to show ASIO panel (very handy, is very common to go there over and over) - If possible, a toggle button for two previously set ASIO buffer sizes.

Bugs to solve, things to improve:

- Sometimes when a parameter has multiple linkings, one of them doesn't work (even if automation sources are sending stuff at different moments)

- Memory management revision (Sorry again, I keep nagging about this)

- When adding first slide note, it should be longer cause is hard to stretch it in that situation.

- When rendering using ALT+P in the mixer, and some channels share the same name, instead of showing an error, FL should show the problem and ask user to type different names.

- revision in the search engine when loading projects, sometimes (even with empty templates with 3rd party plugs) FL is slow to find some plugins, not that much, but I think that could be improved somehow.

- FL cappuccino generator makes coffee too dark so I cannot sleep for the rest of the night.

- Edison should stop recording before eating all available RAM and give all those little error windows, that's a nasty one.

- More directories in the files option (4 more at least) or maybe you could just add directories just like in deckadance.

- Ability to hear long samples in the browser, not only the first ten seconds, something like deckadance preview could be very handy.
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Re: My list.

Spyro wrote: - Multiple MixerChannel selection...

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- Ability to close projects and purge FL That's...

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few more: 1) Ability to drag and drop several ...

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One more: - Ability to stretch MIDI clips in P...

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