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Sat Oct 06, 2007 12:01 am


Some new display options

What I really would LOVE to see in FLStudio :

The possibility to switch from the current "floating" mode to a more "docked" mode, a bit inspired by the new Delphi or Visual Studio IDEs.

On big displays the many small windows are a bit disorienting, it would be nice if e.g. you click on an effect, all other effects are closed, and perhaps the selected effect is scaled. Or if you click on a track, the needed windows are rearranged in a way that they fit side by side and not one covering each other.

If you are creating sounds in a plugin, and therefore working a very long time with one tiny window, it would be great if plugins could be maximized, or at least doubled/trippled in size.

Also multi monitor support would be very nice.

Although I've got lifetime free upgrades - if you implement the above mentioned I'd love to pay for an upgrade. It would make using FLStudio a lot more comfortable to me.



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