Simple automation controls.

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Tue Oct 09, 2007 5:36 pm


Simple automation controls.

I wish FL had some simple controls like knobs, sliders and value boxes in separate plugins so instead using a dashboard you load controls as you need them and place them in different spots in the project.

for example: I want one switch to control two track volumes ("Sub 1" and "Video player" track, to compare original to cloned music version)

And I also want a slider controlling some filter.

But I want to place the knob near the mixer and the slider in other part of the screen, or even in another screen, if I want to do that with dashboards I need to load two instances and deal with the fact the dashboard cannot be smaller than a certain size.

With simple controls it would be a lot easier and nicer.

I think about these plugs pretty much as I see wavecandy, some customizable knobs/sliders with different skins to choose, opacity, etc...even toggle between big and small sizes. (in other words, very good looking)

Let's say you can wire them to controls like in a modular app... and show/hide wirings... stuff like that.

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