Previous/Next Sample buttons in Sampler channel settings

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Tue Nov 06, 2007 5:10 pm


Previous/Next Sample buttons in Sampler channel settings

How about 2 extra buttons in the Sampler channel settings for scrolling through all the samples in the current sample's directory?

For instance, if "Snare1.wav" was loaded onto a sampler channel, then pressing the Next Sample button would load "Snare2.wav" and so on alphabetically through your entire Snares folder.

This would be useful for quickly auditioning samples while your sequence is playing back, in the same way as you can currently use the Previous/Next Preset buttons for browsing through a plugin's presets.

Please see attached mockup, with these buttons positioned next to the button for the Most Recently Used Samples drop-down menu. Alternatively, perhaps they could be positioned in the window's top right corner next to the X, as is the case with VST channels & FX?...
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