Adding External FX and Instruments in FL Studio - explained

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DJ Reech
Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:19 am


Re: Adding External FX and Instruments in FL Studio - explai


One question; Have you ever tried to use hardware with FL Studio and experienced these difficulties?

'uneducated, self-centered and ignorant', eh?

What can I say? I went to 2 of the best schools in the country, I pour my life and my heart into caring for my disabled daughter every day of my life and I take the time to seek to understand and learn new things every day.

Maybe, we should all just bow down & worship you, as you are clearly such a vastly knowledgable, selfless and omniscient one?

Not to mention, more than just a little arrogant & judgemental towards imperfect people who just get frustrated when they've spent hours and hours of head-scratching, studying manuals, searching forums, trying different ways of working and still can't get the software to do what they want.

People don't need to be rude about it. I agree but there's no need for you to insult people and make all kinds of wrong assumptions about them either.

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