idea for a new button in the delay plugin

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Sun Jan 06, 2008 11:23 am


idea for a new button in the delay plugin

hi all

i use the fruity delay bank in the master track to make triggered synced loops on the fly

but everytime i need to do the same thing in another mixer track, i need to assign lots of knobs.

so my idea is to add a trigger delay button (with enable and disable) that would when pushed:
_DRY to zero
_WET to max
_IN to zero
_Feedback to max

because everytime i have to do that assigning to a button on my keyboard i make mistakes.

add to that that i assign the volumes of the four first delays that way i can choose how i want it to loop.

another great idea would be to add a switch "tape delay ON/OFF" on the time fader that would not cut the delay if the delay time is touched.

thanks for any reply!
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