Save a Project-File, not only Playlist

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Wed Aug 26, 2009 1:37 pm

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Save a Project-File, not only Playlist


will it be possible, to prepare Mix for recording in DJ-Style and Auto-Mix?

What I mean.

1.) manuel add all needed Files into the playlist. Let Deckadance find the correct BPM.

2.) manual assign all the tracks to the 2 decks. This means:
Track 1 --> A
Track 2 --> B
Track 3 --> A
Track 4 --> B
Track 5 --> A

3.) Than set all the start markers each track:
Track 1 starts at 00:00 in Deck A
Track 2 starts at 01:35 in Deck B
Track 3 starts at 00:50 (only in the playlist not loaded in the decks)

If Track 2 fades out Track 3 will be loaded in Deck A and starts at 00:50.

Or is it only possible to work with the CUE-Points and Start-Marker as soon as a track is loaded in a deck?

4.) Save this project including the playlist-file and the markers position each track.

So it would be possible to have more time using VSTs-Effects, samples and all the other options in Deckadance.

I know, you don´t need this in a live performance, but I´d like to use it for offline mixes.

If something like that is still possible with Deckadence, please let me know.


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