Beat Magazine - September 2010 - Harmless Review (German, Translation available)

Image-Line Products Reviewed (FL Studio, Deckadance, Plugins & EZGenerator)

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Beat Magazine - September 2010 - Harmless Review (German, Translation available)

Beat Magazine Harmless Review
Google Translation wrote:Image-Line


Harmless, Image-Line with an unusual Hybrid synthesizer, whose goal is the sound Potential additive and sound-shaping and to combine intuitive operation subtractive synthesizer.

Here all parameters are calculated additively, so amazing especially the filter creative possibilities. The additive oscillator has eleven basic waveforms and three sub oscillators. As the wave form can also be a shaft access any audio samples used be. Using clever features, the Harmonics of the sound form a specific purpose: to be bidding including a six-band graphic equalizer, the "Harmonic Mask" with which certain partials and their multiples can be lowered and the "Pluck" filter.

A special treat is the powerful multi-mode filter, the resonance characteristics of different and a flexible, malleable self oscillation comes up. Fat sounds guarantees the unison function while a powerful movement for Phaser provides. The Harmonizer also permits the overtones to an adjustable harmonious relationship copy up. For there is a modulation LFO with adjustable speed and delay ready.

Finally, the sound of the synthesizer by Chorus, Delay, Reverb and a multi-band Compressor / Limiter upgraded, also the distortion the sound can be used.


Image-Line with Harmless proves once again be good eye for tone generator beyond virtual analog Standards. His wiry, defined and Needs refreshing snappy sound make it a prolific suppliers of bass, lead and pad sounds and electric piano, bells and effect sounds and thus an ideal complement to subtractive synthesizers.

It is the manufacturer of well done, a complex sound generation to make it easy to use.


Developer: Image-Line
Sales: Net sales
Price: $ 79
Formats: VST, FL Studio

1 Preparation - Harmless is a real find for vibrant sounds. Thanks to the demo version [4] to the synthesizer to your heart. Try Download it as a VST instrument in Your sequencer. A suitable starting point for the Exploration of the plug-ins is the default preset, the You can select the preset management.

2 Timbre section- The sections of Harmless are on the User interface color-coded. The actual sound is produced in the timbre Section. When the preset selected is the sawtooth selected, whose harmonic spectrum is already in the timbre level editor.

3 Harmonic masking - You can use the Harmonic Mask however, the complete harmonic spectrum. Influence Twelve controls allow the volume the first twelve harmonics and their
respective multiples to decrease. Turn the MIX to, to hear how the set Values affect the sound: From the sawtooth is now a square wave.

4 Modulation - Try other harmonic Mask Values. Adjust the Mix parameter and the LFO. Rotate To do this, the LFO and control to the Mix the far left. You will hear how the waveform changes periodically. It is also worth trying different LFO speeds and waveforms try.

5 Plucked Strings - To the sound of plucked string to simulate the filter, the Pluck in which the tone with a low pass rapidly decreasing envelope manipulated. Rotate Pluck the slider to the left, the sound according to filtered. To enable the Masked and Alt-mode, in filtering the harmonic Mask and the equaliser considered.

6 Harmonic filtering - In addition, you can filter the spectrum with Phaser and influence. If your Sound with additional harmonics accumulate want, the Harmonizer the right tool. It duplicates the existing harmonics and moves it up. Turn the official control on, so the effect is audible, and experiment With different settings.

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