E-MU Systems MP-7 Dashboard

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Tue May 05, 2015 4:59 pm

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E-MU Systems MP-7 Dashboard

This is a Dashboard for the E-Mu Systems MP-7 Command Station. It was created for use in FLS 12.
(Volume, Pan, and Pitch Bend are included on the Main Panel, so not defined on the other portion)

The screen shot is taken in create mode to emphasize there is an Instrument Definition File
used for the patch selector. I am including that file in the 'zip' below. The filename is EMU_2015_MP7.Ins
You need to place it in the directory:

Note my MP-7 has three ROMs installed. The base Mo Phatt, a Beat Garden, and a Composer 2000.
I have 'commented out' the portions of the file that provide selection for patches other than those
in Mo Phatt. You may need to edit the file for ROM location(s) in your MP-7.

The 'zip' below has the actual Dashboard preset in the file: MP7_Dash_0.fst
You need to place it in the directory:


The A-P knobs are configured for the defaults.
The tempo slider is set to CC# 31 for increase/decrease the MP-7 internal (only) clock
from a single control. The default is two separate CC#s - less convenient.
The foot switches are at their defaults values. Note: Foot 3 must be assigned on the MP-7, via
the Patch Cord setup.

If you have questions and you can't find the answer in the MP-7 manual; I might be able to help.

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