Custom shortcuts for SNAP TO GRID and other useful stuff!

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Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:47 pm


Custom shortcuts for SNAP TO GRID and other useful stuff!

I hope one day we'll get official custom hotkeys! :D In the meanwhile, this is a script I wrote for automating "snap to grid" menu using AHK. Along with other useful scripts I came across (from other people) to make life a little easier and faster :) Coordinates need to be modified to your monitor and fruity layout but I requires very little knowledge of AHK. You can also change anything to your taste (hotkeys, colors, size etc.). So here is the list of functions:

- CTRL + = -->Snap to Grid (beat, 1/2, 1/4, 1/2 step, 1/4 step) .. It shows a popup floating window for a sec with current selection at the bottom

- CTRL + - -->Snap to Grid (Triplets) (1/3 beat, 1/6 beat, 1/3 step, 1/6 step) .. also has a popup. Make sure :idea: to set Snap--->Main in playlist and piano roll.

- Fixed space bar won't hit play in third-party vst's, when window is inactive

- CTRL + SHIFT + A --> Create an automation clip from last tweaked control

- SHIFT + W --> Quickly toggle between Draw and Slice (Thanks
Dylan Tallchief, from youtube).

- CTRL + SHIFT + W -->Toggle between Paint and Slice (To make these work, you need to align playlist and piano roll windows so tools are in the same spot, see gif)

You need to install AutoHotkey, and don't forget to use "SciTE4AutoHotkey" to easily edit the script.
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