3 Band splitter by phase ( very transparent )

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Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:58 am

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3 Band splitter by phase ( very transparent )


I wanted to make a splitter based on phase cancellation, just for fun; and for further uses since it actually seem to work great :)

With this splitter, the splited signal can be near full nulled with the phase inverted input signal. Meaning that the ouput signal is exactly the same than the input. And by mixing the splitted signal with some effects on one band, with the inverted original signal, you can obtain some interesting results.

The way i will use it, is by putting fx directly in the patcher instance, for convenience, there is three cables at the right end of the patch, the top cable is high signal, middle cable for mids, and bottom cable... guess what... for lows. Put Fxs between the rightest stereo shaper and the output node.

You can use it as a simple multiband chainer, or play with the cutoff frequency automation, so you can put a waveshaper on the mid band, and experiment some cutoffs changes.

I have voluntary disabled the HQ mode in the FL Parametric EQ2, because when controlling about the nulling thing, the HQ mode create artefacts not present in the original source.

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