NI Komplete Audio 6 Problem with FL Studio | Glitches/Crackles

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Fri Apr 20, 2018 5:54 pm

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NI Komplete Audio 6 Problem with FL Studio | Glitches/Crackles

:mrgreen: Hey,

I use FL Studio 12 with a NI Komplete Audio 6 Interface (firmware 50).
I have this interface 11 months now and contacted NI very often about a problem:

If I play something in the playlist and want to load a plugin in the same time, I get very distorted crackles during the process of loading the plugin ( it doesn't depend on which plugin I load ). I even tried it with a very high process Buffer, but didn't change anything (I for sure use the NI Drivers).

My specs:
CPU: AMD FX 8350, 8 cores, 4 GHz
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 660, 2GB VRam
Ram: 16 GB DDR3 Ram
SSHD from Seagate.

This problem only appears with FL Studio - with Cubase, etc. not.
After a long discussion, Native Instruments said that I should contact you.

Hope you can help me with my problem, I need to work without any problems because I work on my album! :)


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