Latest FL Studio 20.1.1 Release (20 December 2018)

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Thu Dec 20, 2018 11:22 am


Latest FL Studio 20.1.1 Release (20 December 2018)

We are pleased to announce FL Studio 20.1.1


macOS - FL Studio

Windows - FL Studio

If you are coming from 20.0.5 or lower you must reapply your license to unlock FL Studio 20.1.1.

Use the OR download a new FLRegkey.Reg from your account.

  • Playlist Track Mode - Organize projects and speed workflow by grouping a Channel Instrument, Playlist Track and Mixer track. Changes to the name, color and or icon of any member in the group will ripple throughout the chain. Alternatively, drop instrument and effect plugins or audio files on Playlist Track headers.
  • Tools > Macros > Reset empty playlist tracks - Reset all unused Playlist tracks to default color, icons and name.
  • Improved Audio Recording - Link Playlist Tracks to Mixer Tracks and their input, so audio is recorded to the selected Playlist Track Track. Follow-up recordings are added as sub-tracks of the parent Playlist Track. Armed Input Mixer Tracks now show orange faders to better display their state. Pre/Post Effects Recording - Click the Input Menu icon to choose Pre/Post FX recording.
  • Stepsequencer Channel Looping - Channels in the same Pattern, with shorter lengths, will loop to make up the difference. This restores looping behavior from FL Studio 11, and includes new advanced options, to allow control of per-Pattern, per-Channel looping and loop-length for polyrhythmic patterns.
  • Stepsequencer - The maximum step-count has been increased from 64 to 512.
  • Channel Rack Menu > Set swingmix - Set the Swing Mix control values simultaneously for the selected Channels.
  • Show complete piano roll preview - Channel Rack menu option to show all the notes in patterns, rather than just the number of bars visible in the Stepsequencer.
  • Channel Rack Close icon - Can also be closed with the (Esc) key.
  • Plugin Window- ON (Mute) - Switch has been added to the Wrapper Settings for Instrument and Effects plugins (including Right-click menu options). Mix Level has been added in place of the VOL knob, on the Wrapper Settings, when effects are in use.
  • General Settings - New 'Check for updates' option at startup.
  • Mono export - Mono audio file export.
  • CPU & Memory Panel - 'View FPS' shows the FL Studio GUI frame-rate.
  • Project Information- Extended project statistics (bottom of panel).
  • Sampler Channels & Audio Clips - The 'Time' knob is now automatable when the 'Mode' is set to a realtime algorithm (Resample or Stretch).
  • 55 x "Minimal Kick" Samples - Browser > Packs > Drums > Kicks > Minimal Kick 01 to 55.
  • ZGameEditor Visualizer - Video export wizard (beta).
  • Akai FL Studio FIRE- Stepsequencer-looping workflow enhancements (Set Channel loop-length & burn to Pattern).
See the manual here


  • "4 bars" setting time knob popup menu in the channel settings window doesn't work
  • "Make unique as sample" creates a clip with an incorrect sample start
  • Access violation when a DirectWave preset is dropped on a Playlist track header
  • Access violation when the program is closed
  • Can't freely change the assigned mixer track for a channel after it's been unlinked from a Playlist track
  • Control Surface - Keyboard control shouldn't have any parameters
  • Default value for the mix level knob in the effect plugin window is wrong
  • Harmor - "Browse envelopes / images" creates an empty path in the browser
  • High CPU usage when scrolling in the Playlist in the OneDay demo song
  • Linked Channel is not selected when a new Instrument track is created
  • Loop length for Piano roll channels is reset to zero when looping is disabled
  • Loop length selector is enabled for Piano roll channels when it shouldn't be
  • Make unique popup window shows up when it shouldn't while moving Clips around
  • Mini Piano roll view in the CR doesn't update when the pattern length changes
  • Preview of recorded MIDI notes is shown in the incorrect location
  • Project is not marked as "changed" after resetting empty Playlist tracks
  • Relocating an audio clip with Shift + Up/Down to an audio track doesn't update the target mixer track
  • Resetting a Mixer track doesn't always work
  • Shift + Click in the picker panel doesn't select all associated channels in the Channel Rack
  • SimSynth Live - All oscillators are off in a default preset (oscillator 1 is now on by default)
  • Some generic links for mixer controls can't be removed
  • Target mixer track control in the channel settings window is not updated correctly
  • When a marker in the Piano roll is changed to a pattern length marker, its position changes
  • Access violation during the Diagnostic rendering test
  • Tempo information from wavpack files is not read
  • Beepmap - Crash when using "Voice" preset

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