(Please help) FL Studio Mobile crashes when trying to load my project

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Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:22 am

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(Please help) FL Studio Mobile crashes when trying to load my project

Hey everyone. So I'm kinda in a tricky situation with this. A couple weeks ago, my computer pretty much bricked on me (files are safe at least, phew) so since then, I've been using FL Mobile to make music (iphone6s). I've been working on this track for a while with (I think) around 28 tracks, so it's a pretty large project.

However, at some point I opened another project, and now every time I try to reopen that larger project, it'll load for a few seconds and then just exit out of the app. It seems to just be that specific project, because all of my others load fine. Ive tried updating to the latest version, and still nothing. I've gone so far as to back up all of my songs, delete fl Mobile and redownload it, and the project still refuses to open. I'm really worried about this, because I've put in an immense amount of time into it and I REALLY don't want to see it go to waste.

The reason I brought up my computer dying before was that I don't have a way to send the crash files or really check any of that stuff, but I still have the project itself. I'll include it below, but I'm hoping maybe someone could help me out, or maybe try opening it in FL 20 and resaving it or something, just to see if that could work since I saw it in a previous forum post that had a similar issue to what I'm dealing with.

Also the track doesn't use any recordings and just uses the normal presets for instruments and samples. But they were adjusted a lot, and there are also some custom synth sounds with minisynth, so I'm hoping none of these end up going to default...but if it happens anyway, I'll live as long as I can work on the project again lol

Any help would be greatly GREATLY appreciated...I feel like everything's just been breaking on me lately haha, but I feel determined to get this working again. Thank you
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