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Wed Jul 10, 2019 2:12 pm


Feature suggestions/improvements for upcoming revisions


So I've been accumulating a list for some time of some things that would improve my FL user experience (and maybe a few others). Some are real trivial and others may be more involved. The list is originally notes I jotted down so pardon the format. If there's another section this should be posted in, please lmk.

When you're in the playlist, it'd be nice to press ALT+T and the marker shows up right where the time marker is

During the installation process, it'd be nice for there to be an option to show and move forward with the default installation directories

Edison plugin latency [~2040 samples] still when recording into Edison (adjusting the input latency, PDC, or offset under audio manually doesn't work either). On none of my PCs running FL can I drag the just-recorded vocals (on play mode) into the playlist and it lines up (thx for the help on this last time Scott)

Including the entire undo history [or a selectable x amt of undos] of the project like Reaper (even when you CTRL+N) and even when you zip the flp to work on on another computer

when I try to export a file as zip after the project has been open for a while, I get a message saying the project can't be saved. When I close the program and reopen back the file I can save it as a zip. The workaround works but it just seems sketchy - I'd hate for this to be a cause for concern later for corrupted FLPs.

when "making [an audio clip] unique" it'd be nice to have a separate option to make the new file not be the length of the entire take but just the selection (or that 10 sec audio clip you cut from the original 6 min audio clip]

when selecting "pitch correct sample" it'd be nice to have the option for just the selected audio be sent to newtone and not the entire take

improvements to the newtone interface that piggyback the workflow/shortcut familiarity of the playlist

seeing all the note labels on the keys in newtone

finer adjustment to Pitcher's frequency selection [440Hz etc.]
more features in pitcher

a RTA view option in Parametric EQ 2 that is more on par with Reaper, Ozone, Studio One, or Fabfilter (maybe I'm asking for Parametric EQ 3?)

better noise gate in fruity limiter

When recording things in edison, if I CTRL+A and press delete, the waveforms will still show in the window but be deleted (it's as if theres a communcation link missing btwn "what really is" and "what's displayed". Also, if I did this and pressed record now/on input/on play after, I won't see any waveform recording. I either need to Esc the window and open it back up on the FX rack or open a new instance of edison.

The ability to edit and include more extensive metadata in all audio formats, especially WAV

better 808 kick building capabilities from scratch (as a VST?)

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