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Fri Oct 11, 2019 8:26 pm


FL Layer Step advance Option

Hi all.

Foreword: I am still using FL11, because.

Situation: The Layer Channel Plugin currently features a "Randomizer" mode, which plays any of the children to a layer in a random fashion on each note trigger step.

Request: I need this to be configurable as stepping forward one child on each note (and then wrap back to the first child), instead of being random. Also i imagine stepping backward or following a certain customizable pattern would be a great addition to the Layer Channel instance. Probability and duplication exclusion would also be a nice addition to the random child trigger.

Done Research:
Actually, the MIDI-Out Channel Plugin is not taking automation on either patch, bank or PORT value - which would have been a workaround.

As of now i have not yet found a method to address for example 5 bass synths from one piano roll in the note play order that i could easily define. [First note = Bass1, Second note = Bass2, Third note = Bass 3... and so on] The Layer Random option is close to the desired effect but not enough (also the randomization is not controllable). I know i could clone one piano roll x times, assign different synths and just remove notes in each piano roll like i desire, but that is just counterintuitive.

This is surely just a few lines of code. :-D Challenge?


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