FL Studio Mobile Plugin 4.5.4 (UPDATE 20 February 2024)

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Wed Nov 06, 2019 11:37 pm


FL Studio Mobile Plugin 4.5.4 (UPDATE 20 February 2024)

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The FL Studio Mobile FL plugin, is included free with FL Studio for macOS and Windows. This post is where we upload new versions of the plugin, between major FL Studio updates.

1. Always start by installing the latest version of FL Studio:

Download FL Studio here

2. Update the FL Studio Mobile Plugin:

FL Studio Mobile is updated more frequently than FL Studio for macOS and Windows, so the Plugin version of FL Studio Mobile will usually be out of date. If so, update it from below...


Windows - Download the patch, extract the files (including folders) and copy them into C:\Program Files\Image-Line\FL Studio 21\Plugins\Fruity\Generators\FL Studio Mobile (click the link left for instructions on how to locate this folder). When you drag and drop the contents of the .zip into the FL Studio folder, you will know you did it right when you see the overwrite files popup.


macOS - Download the patch, extract FL Studio Mobile_x64.dylib and copy into /Applications/FL Studio 21.app/Contents/Resources/FL/Plugins/Fruity/Generators/FL Studio Mobile (click the link left for instructions on how to locate this folder)


3. Optional: If you own FL Studio Mobile on Android, iOS or Windows App, use the SHARE tab to send all library content to the FL Plugin. This will add an additional 300 MB of content to the default 17 MB library. The FL Plugin update here, does not include core content and demos. These will be included with the next major FL Studio update (or you can use the SHARE feature from the latest mobile version). (see the manual here)


The FL Studio Plugin version is Free for all FL Studio owners. As usual, we reserve the right to change these terms. So if you own FL Studio Mobile (for Android, iOS or Windows App) register it to your IL account and you will continue to have free access to the FL Plugin version, should we decide to sell it as an add-on purchase (for which we have no plan at the moment). Put simply: All FL Studio owners get this plugin for free. Registering your mobile version to your IL account will guarantee it stays that way for you.
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