FL Studio 20.6.2 Latest Release (1 Feb 2020)

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Tue Dec 10, 2019 11:15 am


FL Studio 20.6.2 Latest Release (1 Feb 2020)

This is a maintenance update for the original 20.6 release.


See the post below for Known Issues.

  • 8500 Show warning when the user data folder is set to an invalid location
  • 8501 ZGE Visualizer: added "BPM step" option to ImageMashup effect

  • 8466 Don't show admin warning when FL VSTi is started
  • 8490 Crash updating PDC delay lines
  • 8475 Crash opening projects with demo plugins
  • 8463 "Drive not found" crash at startup
  • 8252 Crash updating the screen of the Fire
  • 8452 Freeze when dragging "Save score as..." menu item over the playlist button in the main toolbar
  • 8449 Echo Delay / Fat Mode pitch control doesn't work with stretch when a time is set
  • 8443 Adjusting properties of multiple notes in the piano roll doesn't work well for "X" and "Y"
  • 8214 Steps can be added after pattern length
  • 8461 Toolbar can become glitchy if a specific point is clicked with the mouse wheel button
  • 8455 Blood Overdrive: high CPU usage in 32 bits
  • 8454 Distructor: high CPU usage in 32 bits
  • 8456 Dashboard: do not show unregistrable plugins in detected problems section
  • 8434 Fruity wrapper: opening presets for VST3 plugins from .vstpreset files doesn't work
  • 8500 Fruity Wrapper: crash with some plugins
  • 8474 Fruity Wrapper: garbage characters in parameter names in Kontakt
  • 8448 ZGE Visalizer: fixes and improvements to "Youlean Oscilloscope" and "Youlean Waveform"
  • 8484 ZGE Visualizer: export failure when "Supersample" and "Uncompressed" options are both on
  • 8493 Crash when the user data folder is set to a location that can't be written to
Previously FL Studio 20.6.1

  • Audio Clips - Added 'Time-warp sample' option to the Audio Clip popup menu
  • Main Pitch - Can now be specified in Hz when using Right-click 'Type value'
  • FL Studio Mobile - Updated to 3.2.63
  • ZGameEditor Visualizer - New keyboard shortcuts ('S' to solo layer e.t.c), 'BPM sync' option for 'ImageMashup' effect, new Youlean Oscilloscope effect & uDMX support
  • Diagnostic - Some usability changes to the project fixer

  • "Assign to new instrument track" deletes channel-icon
  • Channel rack can be resized so it's more narrow than it should be
  • Channel rack scrolls unnecessarily
  • Consolidate playlist selection from song start doesn't work correctly
  • Crash saving a file from Make Unique
  • Crash when MP3Genres.txt is missing
  • Crash when processing MIDI messages
  • Crash when changing the tempo map
  • Crash at startup while listing the available project templates
  • Crash using the Mackie MIDI controller type
  • Crash report: FLEngine_x64.dll Exception: List index out of bounds (6)
  • Crash when the step sequencer is clicked
  • Crash when latency changes (for example when a channel's mixer track assignment changes)
  • Crash when drawing separator lines in the toolbar
  • Crash when focusing the graph editor
  • Crash opening zipped loop package
  • Crash when focusing a window from the Fire controller
  • Crash getting information about a plugin
  • Crash when opening a WavPack file
  • Crash opening a project
  • Delay compensation doesn't update after cloning a channel
  • External audio editor also launches when pitch correction or warping are selected
  • Missing default color in plugin slot's color selector
  • Rendering a project never stops when there's a skip marker and no end marker in the playlist selection
  • Skip markers behaves oddly when there's a time selection in the playlist
  • Control Surface: control values are different after undo
  • Diagnostic: crash reports aren't uploaded properly
  • DirectWave: errors when importing soundfont and SFZ instruments
  • DirectWave: crash opening items when logged in as another user than the one who installed FL Studio
  • Distructor: 24dB high and low pass filter resonance level is affected by the Smooth parameter
  • Distructor: doesn't notify the host when things change that would require a file save
  • Edison: auto scroll button has an incorrect hint
  • FLEX : distortion in "Rectifier"
  • FLEX: arpeggiator velocities are too loud
  • FLEX : VCA Attack controlled via macro (in Mod Matrix) doesn't work
  • FLEX: envelope not releasing properly anymore
  • FLEX : single shot LFO - only positive halfwave is taken into account
  • Fruity Delay 3: loud noise when the plugin is opened
  • Fruity Slicer: access violation when listing the note names
  • Morphine: some menus don't show
  • NewTime: window steals MIDI keyboard focus for no reason
  • NewTime: wrong hint for Groove knob
  • NewTime: "Send to piano roll" menu option shouldn't be there
  • NewTime: crashes when using Ctrl+Z after the sample is deleted
  • NewTime: alt + drag a marker snaps back to the original position
  • NewTime: crash when sending to the playlist
  • Plugin Manager: plugin list is sorted with case sensitivity
  • Vocodex: the plugin locks processing too long while close and opening its carrier synth
  • Voltage Controller: pitch tracking issues
  • Voltage Controller: clock inconsistency
  • Voltage controller: trigger pulse width is too short for some modules
  • Wave Traveller: exporting a project as a zip file fails
  • Wrapper: garbage at end of parameter names from Kontakt
  • ZGE Visualizer: various video looping issues
  • ZGE Visualizer: crash in MeshText effect if the space character is used
  • Mouse cursor doesn't update when using right click actions or when e.g. creating clips or notes
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