Cutting and "sliding" audio clip out of sight now is resizing clip...

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Mon Sep 14, 2020 9:51 am


Cutting and "sliding" audio clip out of sight now is resizing clip...

Hey all,

I must have changed some setting and I can't quite figure out what I messed up so I hope this makes sense so someone can steer me in the right direction to fix this.

I have the latest version of 20.7.2 as of today 9/14/2020. I updated it from another older 20.7 but don't know exactly what number it was.

I have the Signature Producer Edition and am on Windows 8.1

I often (especially when doing a podcast) just slice an audio track in the playlist approximately where it needs something take out and then use the mouse to grab the left or right part of the now split audio track and slide it to the right or left. What it always did was made the amount I slide it disappear and I could real quick slide to hide the part I didn't want on either or both sides of the one cut as if I had actually cut precisely using two cuts, then I can either leave the space or slide them together. I've done it a million times but last night I wanted to do that with a guitar track but it resizes the track instead of making the part I want to get rid of disappear and then reappear if I slide it back where it was.

This doesn't happen with a piano roll track in the playlist, I can do it just fine with that.

Kind of like say you make some pick noise in between notes, instead of cutting on both sides of the noise, I can just slice wherever and then slide either or both to the left and right and the notes on both sides of the edit stay the same and I'm not spreading out or crunching up the audio clip.

I know it's probably obvious and apologize if this is a silly question and I appreciate any help.



Parallax Shift
Mon Sep 14, 2020 11:27 am


Re: Cutting and "sliding" audio clip out of sight now is resizing clip...

Sounds like you have Stretch enabled in the top...
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